Christmas Counterfeits of Christ

Santa vs Christ

Comes in the night vs Comes as a thief in the night –> 2 Peter 3:10, 1 Thess 5:2

Dressed in white and red vs Clothed in white and red –> Rev 19:13-14, Isa 63:1-3

Brings gifts and rewards vs Brings gifts and rewards –> Rom 6:23, Rev 22:12

Knows if you’ve been good or not vs Knows –> Rev 2:23

White, curly hair vs White hair –> Rev 1:14

Sits and talks with children vs Talks with children –> Matt 19:14

Comes with reindeer vs Comes with horses –> Rev 19:11, 14

Comes with a sleigh vs Comes with chariots –> Isa 66:15

Lives at the North Pole vs Lives on the sides of the north –> Ps 48:2

Children tell him what they want vs We pray to Him –> Mat 7:7

Santa Claus is not real, only imaginary vs We should not take part in lies –> Rev 22:14-15

Old Saint Nick, one of Santa’s names, is a name for Satan. (See “Old Nick” in the dictionary) The word, “Santa” unscrambled, is Satan.

Christmas, Easter, and Halloween

by Vance Ferrell



The pagan Romans exchanged food, small statues of gods, and trinkets to one another during the winter festival. The church, in adopting the custom, declared that this is to be done on December 25. “Th

The Yule log did not come from the Bible, nor from Near Eastern paganism. It came from heathen Celtic worship practices in Britain. The Celts also worshiped the sun, and they too had a celebration at

Green trees were cut down, mounted, and then decked with offerings of food and precious gifts to Mithra. “The Christmas tree is from Egypt, and it originally dates from a period long anterior to the C